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 Since hotel Natura moto is nature and man’s return to it, we have decide to offer our guests local products which we make ourselves. During the production the most important things are the quality of the products and that they are completely natural and healthy without added artificial flavours. Some of our products that you can taste at the hotel are: goat cheese, istrian prosciutto, olive oil, honey and etc.


Our prosciutto is a result of homemade (old fashioned) production. It is dry brined with sea salt and natural spices then it is dried on bora wind and it is not smoked.
That kind of production guarantees an autochthonous Croatian product.
Istrian prosciutto is considered to be one of the healthiest products of its kind in the food industry.



 Goat cheese Natura is a semi-hard cheese which is made out of raw milk. In our cheese manufacturing building we make it according to traditional recipe and the process of its maturing last for minimal 100 days.



Flower or spring honey bees make from flower nectar of alders, willows, osiers, snowdrops, dead nettles, wild fruit trees, dandelions and other nectariferous plants. It contains bigger percentage of glucose in comparison to fructose and because of that it crystallises quickly after extraction. It contains big amounts of pollen grains which are good for building immunity and are gradually adapting the body on allergens which can cause pollen fewer during the year.

Olive oil

Istrian extra virgin olive oil, the love for growing and preserving olive orchards, the attention directed towards timely harvest of olives results in exceptional quality olive oil.
Olive oil which we produce is multi-sort olive oil. Obtained by mixing produce of various autochthonous and acclimatized sorts like istarska bjelica, buža, leccin and pendolin. With that we achieve higher quality oil.


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