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Just the name of the hotel reveals a lot about the place where it’s located and which benefits are offered to its guests. For most people vacation is a synonym for nature, greenery, peace and relaxation far away from everyday city noise. If you are the kind of people that love nature and peace then hotel Natura is the right choice for you.

The hotel has a pool right next to it, a wide sun deck, a restaurant, a salt room and it also has an interesting place which will attract the biggest nature lovers is the relax room; a room for relaxation that is located on a tree in the woods near the hotel. Since the hotel is privately owned by family it is no wonder that the food is homemade, without pesticides or artificial flavours. Apart from the restaurant, which prepares various local specialities, you can also try local and homemade products every morning during buffet breakfast next to the pool.

To not make your vacation into only lying around and tasting local specialities hotel Natura has also prepared various activities like light walks in the woods or organized bike tours. Since not all people are alike and not everybody loves peaceful activities, we have also prepared a tour with motorcycles all over inner Istria, which, apart from an adventurous drive, allows you to sightsee some famous Istrian villages. Animal lovers can also enjoy horse riding which will make your vacation even more special and worth remembering.

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strian extra virgin olive oil, the love for growing and preserving olive orchards, the attention directed towards timely harvest of olives results in exceptional quality olive oil.
Olive oil which we produce is multi-sort olive oil. Obtained by mixing produce of various autochthonous and acclimatized sorts like istarska bjelica, buža, leccin and pendolin. With that we achieve higher quality oil.


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