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Hotel Natura Making Your Holidays Great!

The name of our hotel speaks volumes about its serene location and the exceptional amenities offered to our guests. For many, a vacation symbolizes nature, tranquility, and relaxation, away from the bustle of city life. If you cherish nature and seek peace, Hotel Natura is the perfect choice for you.

Our privately-owned family hotel boasts a poolside setting, a spacious sun deck, a salt room, sauna, and jacuzzi. With a dedication to homemade cuisine free from pesticides and artificial flavors, our restaurant serves various local specialties. Additionally, each morning, by the pool, you can relish our buffet breakfast featuring an array of local and homemade products.

To ensure your vacation is more than just relaxation and indulgence in local cuisine, Hotel Natura offers diverse activities. Explore light woodland strolls or bike along scenic paths. Animal enthusiasts can partake in horseback riding, adding a special and memorable touch to your getaway.


Hotel Natura presents guests with a choice of four distinct room types, all featuring common amenities such as a wardrobe, desk, satellite TV, minibar, safe, and mosquito nets on all room windows.

The first room type comprises the main area, a bathroom with a shower, and a balcony boasting a picturesque view of the pool. The second room type, equally appealing, includes the main area, a shower-equipped bathroom, and a hallway, but does not have a balcony like the first type. The third room type mirrors the second but offers two single beds instead.

The fourth and final room type, ideal for families or groups, includes all standard amenities and provides ample space with two separate rooms. One room holds a double bed with an attached shower-equipped bathroom, while the other room contains two single beds and another bathroom with a shower. Both rooms offer balconies overlooking the garden.

Irrespective of the room type chosen, guests can expect fresh linens and towels, which can be changed upon request or every four days.

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